Foundation Board of Trustees

Ben Fast, Chairperson, 
2010-2018      480-837-1119
Althea Halchuck                                       
2010-2018      978-618-7150
Tim Halchuck, Elder
Matt Jefferson, Vice Chairperson                 2015-2017        480-837-6001
Jean Ipema                                                 2016-2018        480-837-1770
Roy Nickel                                                  2014-2016         480-688-8392
Gary Oakeson                                             2016-2018          480-837-5563


Gifts given to the Memorial Fund  are used by the church for current needs or special items.  Many times these donations are in lieu of flowers at a Memorial Service. The Foundation receives cash gifts at any time or bequests  through wills or trusts at the time of death of the person wishing to insure the future prosperity and continuation of the church.
Any member of the Foundation board can answer questions you might have about setting up your final documents and you are always welcome to attend any Foundation Board meetings.

The Foundation is conducting a fundraiser.

More details will be published as soon

as they are available.